Built on Poverty and Hunger

‘At any one time there are 59 billion animals awaiting to be consumed as human food. These animals have to be fed, and the process of feeding them is taking land away from growing crops that we could eat. One third of the world’s cultivatable land is used to grow food for farm animals. They consume 40% of the world’s grain crop, and demand is rising.’

East Midlands Green Party Blog

A piece by Mike Shipley reflecting on the real cost of Factory Farming

Factory Farms are built on the foundations of Poverty and Hunger.

Foston is back in the news this week. The Soil Association has written to Midland Pig Producers, the company behind the proposed 25,000 pig unit, asking them to withdraw their planning application. A final decision on this protracted process is expected this month, although the County Council seems to be content to sit on the application saying that they are waiting for the Environment Agency to decide on an operating permit before giving a decision.

In the letter, Soil Association Director, Peter Melchett cites the overwhelming opposition to the project from local people, with 20,000 objections, and the on-going uncertainty that is affecting the lives of local residents. Melchett also reiterates the health concerns associated with these industrial scale animal units, saying that the evidence is…

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