Hornett Wholefoods Wellingborough

hwflyerA new whole food shop has opened and they have lots of sustainable ethically made practical healthy options that are suitable for everyone.

If you are looking to be healthier, to lose some weight, are on a gluten free diet or a dairy free diet, they are here for you.

Vegetarians and vegans can feast because they will not sell meat, poultry, game, fish, shellfish or any by-products of slaughter.  They’re 100% meat free!

There’s a large range of healthy and environmentally friendly alternatives, including food and drinks, toiletries, cleaning products and gifts.

46Located centrally in Wellingborough at 48 Midland Road, the shop is within three minutes walk of Wellingboroughs’ Swansgate Shopping Centre and just a minute away from the Aldi supermarket.  The X1 and 45 buses stop outside the door and the train at the end of the road; plus there is free parking.  Pop in for some friendly service and some fantastic food.


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