VIVA – Tell Iceland supermarkets to end the slaughter of kangaroo Mums!

Mother’s Day in the Australian outback is brutal and bloody – but then so is every day. Away from questioning eyes, in the dead of the night, millions of kangaroos are slaughtered every year, including mothers and their babies.

There is no scientific justification for Australia’s mass slaughter of its unique wildlife. It cynically denigrates kangaroos as ‘pests’ simply to earn foreign exchange from their body parts.

And now, in an attempt to boost falling sales, budget chain Iceland has started selling kangaroo and other so-called ‘exotic’ meats. We have been here before! Many years ago we ended this barbarism – and we’re determined to do it again. 

Every night, large trucks career through the outback looking for kangaroos. The shooters are not interested in baby joeys, so when the rifles crack it is the adults who are shot. They may be killed instantly or their jaws or limbs shattered by the bullets. Imagine the helplessness of a dying mother unable to protect her young. She will watch as the hunter pulls her baby from her pouch and decapitates or beats him to death… > Read the full report

Please take part in our National Weekend of Action (14-15 March) for Mother’s Day. You can order FREE materials to hold a demo outside Iceland, which include leaflets and postcards for people to sign. If you can’t hold a demo, you can send a complaint to Iceland online – using our webform. And you can order leaflets for door-dropping! 
Whatever you do, it will help us to stop kangaroo Mums going to Iceland.

If you can, please donate to this campaign – we are completely donations funded, and couldn’t achieve any of the successes we have without your valued and life-saving support. With your help we’ve kept kangaroo and ‘exotic’ meats from supermarket shelves for many, many years – and we don’t want it to come back now!

Yours for the mothers