Nic’s Vegetarian Week – Monday

NVW 2015
Day One of Veggie Week
Well, here we go! The first day of being vegetarian and I did not burst into flames!
 Breakfast: Nice and easy as I always have poached eggs on toast (I consider myself to be an expert in this field…)
Lunch: I am not a big lunch eater and because of the job that I do I am not desk-bound so I chucked a Nakd Bar from Hornett Wholefoods in my handbag along with a banana and that did the job. Nakd bars are a recent discovery for me and come in all sorts of yummy flavours. I am a massive chocolate fan so for me I get all the taste and none of the guilt that I get from eating a Dairy Milk-ace!
Dinner: As I was going out this evening (Ralph McTell at The Stables in Wavendon-amazing) I wanted to have something quick so it was a no-brainer to have a Replete Flatbread again from my friends at Hornett Wholefoods. The filling was the Gluten Free with 3 cheese and wild mushroom. This was the first time I have had this flavour and it won’t be the last-it was delicious. I warmed the flatbread in the oven for about 15 minutes and just had a salad on the side. Easy-peasy!
Normally I would have the salad and some ham and if I am going to be totally honest this was a lot nicer and I did not miss the meat… Emma will be pleased!…..…
Nic goes veggie - Monday pic

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