Nic’s Meat-Free week

Nic’s Veggie Week: Birthday Thursday
Pesto pasta There was a birthday in da house today and I am so lucky that the Birthday Boy’s favourite meal is pasta and pesto. Brilliant-then I remembered that pesto is made with parmesan-it’s not veggie! Off I went to Hornett Wholefoods who stock 4 different varieties (I wasn’t expecting that) so chose Suma Pesto Alla Genovese. There was absolutely no difference to this and ‘normal’ pesto-the comment I got was “It tastes like pesto”
I also made a cake. It was his birthday after all…

Nic’s Veggie Week: Freaky Friday
OK, it wasn’t freaky. I was out all day again so I had lunch on the go. Having seen the Nothing But… range I opted for a bag of Pineapple and Grape-tasted great and one of your five a day. I am looking forward to trying some of the savoury ones.
For dinner I wanted to use up some bits and bobs that I had in the fridge. I simply chopped up some courgette, pepper, mushrooms and red onion and roasted them in the oven then popped them in a pitta bread.
Emma shared a healthy version of chips on one of our film nights and these were the perfect side. I used a sweet potato. I don’t have a proper recipe for these so here is my version:
• Chop the potato into chip shapes (skins on)
• Parboil until soft-ish
• Pop onto a baking tray with some low-calorie oil spray and seasoning
• Cook for about 15/20 mins

Roast Veg in pitta

Nic’s Veggie Week: Lazy SaturdayEggs benedict
This morning I met some friends for breakfast in Buddies-an American style diner. They had steak on the menu for breakfast-whaaaaatt??!!! There was a pretty good veggie selection so opted for eggs benedict with mushrooms and hash browns. OMG-it was huge! So huge in fact I did not have lunch or dinner!

Nic’s Veggie Week-Sunday
I joined Emma and a group from Northants Veggies at Irchester Country Park for a sharing BBQ. The weather held out for us (it had been forecast rain all day) and there were about 50 people there, all having brought meat-free BBQ food, salad, cakes, home-made bhajis and drinks. Emma fired up the barby and had a steady rotation of sausages, burgers and koftas. Sarah had brought aubergine so I had an aubergine and mushroom ‘burger’, which was a first. I’ve been to loads of BBQs at Emma’s house so I was aware that there’s no need to worry about what a meat-free BBQ looks like! A couple of people who were also in the park came across out of curiosity and were relieved that the burgers tasted ‘normal’ and that they actually would go to a supermarket and buy the Linda McCartney mozzarella burgers they’d had.

So that’s Veggie Week all done and dusted! Was it hard to do? No. Did I crave meat? Not really although I really fancied a burger of all things on Friday but got over that as quickly as it arrived.
Would I go veggie full time? Yes and no. I have decided to be mainly veggie when I cook for myself but if I go out to eat or have friends over then I will eat as I have done before (and I still have meat in the freezer and I am not going to chuck it out) I will investigate meat alternatives such as Quorn, Linda M and VBites as I did not eat these on veggie week-I may transition over slowly so you never know….
I liked having a meal plan each day so I only buy what I need and I will certainly be doing this each week and I have enjoyed making something different each day so I will carry on doing this.


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