Telegraph report on vegetarian supermarket products – what you need to know

VegSoc logoWhat was reported?
Over the weekend The Telegraph reported traces of animal DNA had been found in one Tesco vegan product and one Sainsbury’s vegetarian product. Sainsbury’s meat-free meatballs carry the Vegetarian Society Approved trademark.

What is a ‘trace’?
A trace is an amount so small that laboratories are unable to give an exact amount.

What are Sainsbury’s saying?
“We’d like to reassure customers that these products are produced at a meat-free factory. Sainsbury’s and the Vegetarian Society also carry out regular checks and no issues have been found.”

Can I still trust the trademark?
Yes. We have stringent criteria any product must meet in order to display one of our trademarks. We check ingredients and suggest alternatives where necessary, check production processes including possible cross-contamination points, offer advice on best practise, and assess risk.

We conduct site visits where needed. Where a facility manufactures exclusively vegetarian products, this would usually be considered unnecessary.

We’ve been in contact with Sainsbury’s since we were alerted to the story on Thursday. We are satisfied they’re doing everything possible to understand why The Telegraph’s results came out as they did.

Find out more about how products get our trademarks and read the statement we gave to the Telegraph.